hello world

Maybe I’m just dim, but it took me ages to realize that

  1. WordPress.com completely blocks all JavaScript on user pages
  2. syntax highlighting is available through syntaxhighlighter

I only needed (1) to accomplish (2), but both of these data seemed to be rather hard to find (through search–I suppose I should just have hit WordPress support right away).

The availability of syntax highlighting is crucial for talking about code. Surprisingly, some people do rail against it, but usually they’re probably too busy walking through the snow uphill both ways and telling the kids to get off their lawn to tell us how back in their day, they didn’t have syntax highlighting, hell, they didn’t even have any syntax, and monitors only displayed one color: black. Now that’s monochromatic for you.

Anyway, as this is my first post, here’s a hello world in one of my day-to-day languages, ActionScript (not directly supported by syntaxhighlighter, but fortunately, JavaScript is close enough), in all its highlighted glory.

            import mx.controls.Alert;
            Alert.show('Hello world!');